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Sorry for the awkward face, but my hair is finally long enough to put in a bun for those who I keep updated on my hair growth. :)
also I have tiny ears
bazooka is mega dum
the day i cut my hair short. :((((
thighs til i die
super cute kitty shirt
ft. my long fingers, and hairdryer.
cheesy me and a polar bear 
It’s been a while, Tumblr.
Curse my naturally wide hips.
I have a cute boyfriend.
Ugh sorry for the selfies guys but i’ve been feeling especially cute and i am happy 
and i really wanted to show off my stuffed animal collection 
hey guys i actually do have friends i just never see dems
Mirror pic in a dirty bathroom hi
This sweater used to be tight…uhhhh..
sorry everyone, last photo i swear